T.Y. Park Gazebo

We highly recommend TY Park Gazebo as our preferred venue.

The Gazebo is located on the lake near the main entrance of the park. No amplified sound permitted.

Gazebo Dimensions:

Octagon-shaped – approximately 15 feet by 15 feet.

**All fees are subject to applicable Florida sales tax, except for gate admission fees which include sales tax in the price.**

Gazebo Rental Fees:

Weekday Rate: $36 For All-Day Rental
Weekend Rate: $72 For All-Day Rental
Holiday Rate: $72 For All-Day Rental

Security Deposit:

$50. The Security/Cleanup Deposit is to be paid the day of your event, prior to setting up your shelter, and will be refunded the same day providing the following items have been met:

  1. All garbage is removed from gazebo floor.
  2. All garbage is placed in trash cans.
  3. All decorations and tape/affixers have been removed.
  4. Area around gazebo is cleaned up. (No garbage/trash on ground, etc.)
  5. All vehicles must be parked in parking areas only, not in unpaved areas.

Gazebo offers the following:

  • Popular for weddings
  • Located directly on the lake
  • Great view of the lake fountain
  • Restroom within walking distance
  • Long walkway leading to the gazebo

Gate Admission Fee:

There is a $1.50 per person gate admission fee for persons 6 years of age and older; kids 5 years of age and under