Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Ok, so we want to get married. What’s the first thing we need to do?

A. The first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is choose a date. This is important because once you obtain your marriage license it is only valid for 60 days from the date you receive it.

To obtain a marriage license you must appear together before the clerk of court of any county within the State of Florida to apply. The county from which you obtain your license does not have to be the county in which you marry. As long as it is a Florida license, you can be married anywhere within the state. B.o.W.E services Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade. For your convenience, here are the links to their respective Clerk of Courts:

If you choose to obtain your license from either of these counties, please visit their website for further information on their procedures, requirements, and hours of operation. Requirements are pretty much the same across the board. You will need a valid form of identification (acceptable forms of identification are outlined on each site) and proof of dissolution for any prior marriage. I encourage you to visit the FAQ page for the county of your choice.

Q. Is there a waiting period or blood test required for a license?

A. Florida no longer requires blood testing. There is a 3 day waiting period for Florida residents which can be waived provided couples complete a pre-marital course. The course requirements are outlined on the Clerk of Courts’ websites provided above. Again, we urge you to visit the website for the county of your choice to ensure a smooth transaction.

Non-Florida residents with proof of out-of-state residency have no waiting period or pre-marital course requirements for obtaining a license.

Q. Ok, we’ve set our date and we’ve got our license. Now what?

A. Now that all the boring paperwork is done we can get to the fun part! We have 60 days from the date you obtained your license to plan your perfect, romantic, no hassle ceremony. I can perform your wedding ceremony on the spot as long as you have your license in hand or we can meet in person or over the phone to discuss package options and the details that will make your day truly unique and memorable for you and your love.

Q. Is a deposit required?

A. No deposit is required for the “Just Marry Us!” package. B.o.W.E.’s main objective is to provide fast and affordable officiating at the drop of a hat as a more pleasant alternative to sterile courthouse settings. Payment for this package is due prior to the commencement of the ceremony. For all other options, there is a 50% deposit due at the time of signing to secure your date. The balance is due prior to the ceremony. Deposits are non-refundable. However, we are extremely flexible and understanding. Should an issue arise with the initial ceremony date and the date must be moved for any reason, we WILL go above and beyond to accommodate you and ensure that you have a beautiful wedding!

Q. What about vows? Do we have to write them or do you have a standard script and, if so, is there any religious text?

A. You may write your own vows for us to recite or we can help you write them. If you prefer a standard script, we can certainly find a pre-written text that speaks to your heart. If there is a specific religious scripture you would like included in your vows we would be glad to incorporate that. We believe that the vows spoken during a ceremony should be meaningful and tailored to suit each individual couple.

Q. So where exactly do we get married?

A. Our goal is to provide an economical yet beautiful alternative to drab courthouse weddings. We encourage couples to think outside-the-box on this one. There are plenty of free settings in which to have a ceremony. Our packages do not offer many props (i.e. arches, chairs, decorations) this enables us to “sidestep” permit fees for most public parks. A nicely manicured backyard is an often underestimated venue option. However, if, for instance, you would like a more formal setting, we recommend the gazebo at TY Park in Hollywood. The weekday rental rate for the gazebo is only $32 for the entire day (there is a $50 refundable deposit required, please visit our Venue Page for more information). This is our favorite “pay” venue because it’s not only serene and romantic but also affords couples a variety of activities to enjoy throughout the day. These are just a few ideas. We are happy to brainstorm with our couples to find just the perfect location.

Q. What about the beach?

A. To be perfectly honest, the beach is not our specialty. If you have your heart set on a beach wedding, I am pleased to recommend that you speak to Brittany at Her company is renowned for offering stunning yet incredibly affordable beach wedding ceremonies.

Q. Se habla Español?

A. Claro que si! Hablamos y oficiamos las ceremonias en Español tambien.

Q. Do you officiate same sex weddings?

A. ABSOLUTELY! B.o.W.E. is a proud supporter of equality in marriage.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. Yes. We extend a 15% discount to all military personnel, both active duty and retired, a 15% discount to seniors 55 and over, and a 20% discount for dual weddings on any package.

Q. What happens after the wedding ceremony?

A. You relax and enjoy the beginning of your adventure together as a married couple. We file your marriage license with the Clerk of the Court and a certified copy will be available to you within about 2 weeks after.

If we’ve missed your question please do not hesitate to Contact Us.