About Us

Before we tell you who we are, we would like to tell you who we are not. We are not a beach wedding company. We recognize that not all couples may want sand in their shoes, and South Florida has many other equally beautiful outdoor settings in which to have a wedding ceremony. There are many beach wedding companies who specialize in and offer beautiful beach wedding ceremony packages. We like to think outside the box and squash the stereotype that South Florida is synonymous with beach weddings.
We cater to couples:

  1. Who are on an extremely tight budget and believe that the courthouse is their only resort. Please do NOT settle for cheap paper bells as a backdrop for your wedding picture! Even with our basic package, we offer cute and unique picture props at NO EXTRA COST. Those cute pictures with the parasols you see on Pinterest? You can have them if you want them even with the ‘Just Marry Us’ package. You don’t have to sacrifice anything.
  2. Who are either Florida residents who have been to the beach a thousand times and want something different or out-of-towners who prefer an alternative venue. South Florida has beautiful parks with wooded areas, lakes, gazebos, you name it.
  3. Who have friends or family or even just the couple themselves who would like to decorate their own home or backyard for a total DIY ceremony and all they need is an officiant and/or a professional to assist with vendors and choices.

If what you are seeking is a unique, spectacular, low cost alternative to the garden variety wedding ceremony, then we are your gals.

Meet the Belles

If you would like a small intimate wedding or elopement without the cold courthouse environment and you are on a small budget but don’t want to give up the little details that make a wedding special, we can make it happen!



As a Florida Registered Paralegal, I have been to several courthouses throughout the State of Florida. It has always pained me to see couples spending the most important moment of their collective lives in such a cold, sterile, and unromantic setting. I do sympathize with the deciding factors for a courthouse wedding – economics and convenience. I have made it my personal mission to provide that same convenience but in a much more aesthetically pleasing setting to budget conscious couples. You don’t have to give up on beauty and attention to detail on such a special day!


A Florida licensed and bonded notary (and Yliana’s mom) who is a seasoned wedding officiant. I assist Yliana in bringing the vision of your perfect wedding day to life!